Monday, April 7, 2008

the show part II and other things

so the show went very well. in fact i would say it was a succsess. somethings i will do diffrently such as having kaitlin and lilly play alot more music and a whole lot less of me. but over all it was good so be on the look out for some more in the future. now for other things, this weekend was weird. i have a friend who recently moved here from oregon and she is living with her boyfriend, its not a healthy relationship by any means. i encouraged her to not be in it, she enetialy agreed that she should leave him and go back to oregon, then she decided to go back to him. in sociology we learned that for the most part people stay in a relationship because there is not a better option, i guess this helps prove that. old family friends from oregon came up this weekend as well, dan and amy theyre rad, especialy dan, he continualy says talking with me is like talking to a younger version of him, hearing things like that always give me a sense of hope for my future,