Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where did I go?

Quick update, so firstly the story will continue. I already have some post written but I wanted to update you guys, its been two months now. so I will cover a little of home and here.

As you may have heard I took a road trip across America with three of my friends, you can read about it here, It was amazing and God did some awesome stuff in my heart getting me ready for this year.

I was home for a week for thanksgiving and then back to the island. Ah good ol' Hawaii. I made it back in time for YWAMs 50th anniversary final celebration. It was amazing the leaps and bounds missions has come and is headed into. After that was Christmas, mele kalikimaka, I spent it here in Hawaii with some close friends, it was fun but a bit sad being away from family.

Now for why I came back. IM STAFFING THE DTS! For you long time readers and friends you may recall that I did a discipleship training school also known as a DTS. Now after two years in YWAM doing schools and an internship, Im staff. We have an amazing school with amazing students that love Jesus so much. As you may know after three months of Lecture there is three months of outreach. I'm leading with two amazing girls, Taylor Mehl and Katelyn Leavitt, we have the best team of 17, 3 families 4 kids 4 singles also 2 bikes. Oh your probably wondering were we are going, well I'll tell you, the west coast of the United states of America, predominantly L.A. and Seattle. Get excited, we are, pray for us, were praying for you. Also pray for provision, I need my first thousand to secure flights on the third of February.

And don't worry I will be posting about after London and all that