Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Next Step In An Adventure

My side of the story. As you have all read, the Seattle House Of Prayer is a dream of mine. The plan was to launch in the fall. I had a staff committed for two years. But all of that began to change. Two things happened this spring, One I started to date Kirsten, two God began to call my staff elsewhere. No one likes to go back on a commitment, it never feels good and always is awkward, I love all of them and we are all still good friends so its worked out well. But what I am learning is that our decisions change our plans whether we were planning on them doing that or not. So now for the adventure. Africa. South Africa, Cape Town to be more precise. That is where I am headed for the fall, but there it will be the spring. But here is the real adventure, Revival and pursuing the heart of the one I love.