Friday, March 25, 2011

יְהוָה יִרְאֶה The Lord Will Provide

God is good, my math however, is not. We are about to leave on outreach to the west coast this thursday. I am in charge of my teams finances and had failed to do a simple task of of keeping up on them, on tuesday we still needed $5,876.50. We were supposed to have had all of it in two weeks ago. I messed up. I added wrong and missed some stuff in our budget, and now we were in the soup. I have seen God provide money out of thin air, literally, I have seen thousands of dollars come in in a matter of minutes. I knew this was not to big for my God. So I asked him, "Jesus, what are the obediance steps you want me to be taking to see all of my teams money come in?" My reply was terrifying, "Nothing." To get my money I was to ask no one, no desperate calls, no emails, just pray. "Ask me and I will provide for you by tomorrow night." That was on wednesday. As I prayed and talked with my students, the number went down, by the end of the day it was at $3,626.50, by thursday lunch, $2,036, by that afternoon $1,230. That night, $1,130. By the end of our corporate gathering it was down to $670. And as of right now my team needs only $640. God is called by many names in the bible, one of my favorite is Adonai-Jira, The Lord will provide, we find this name in Genesis 22:14. Its part of the story of Abraham sacrificing his chosen son Isaac. If God calls us to do something he will always provide for us. Abraham killed a ram not his son. He has never left me lacking and he has always taken me to where He called me to go. Where is your lack, what is your need? Ask with faith and he will provide for you. My God is a provider, My God is faithful.