Monday, May 23, 2011


An Update.

Well, We are on our way to Seattle now, so there is allot to tell you about on this adventure. My team is amazing, they are constantly looking for oportunities to share the gospel and bless people, we were at the laundry mat and they went to a conveniance store and prayed for the owner who

is a christian. We have prayed for close to 300 people sharing the love of God with them and telling them about The Lords heart for them. And now we are about to go to Seattle and Samammish for the finality of out trip.

But what about my adventure, well its been a crazy one. Let me tell you about my Girlfriend. What? You Haven't heard that Im in a relationship with an amazing woman of God. Kirsten and I have been friends since last february, When I first met her I knew she was cool, she has great style and fantastic taste in music and Loves Jesus in a way most people just don't. But at the time she was a friend and I looked at her like a sister. But that didn't last long. She quickly became a really close friend. Their was alot of times when something would spark in my heart and it was a little bit of love, but I refused to let my heart go to that place. As I continued to get to know her, I discovered more and more time and again how amazing she is. The thing that has always amazed me is her love for Jesus, she cares so much about him being loved by the lost that at times she is moved to tears. Who in Christianity cares about Jesus being loved more then their crap getting cleaned up? How much of my walk is about me? How much of my worship is about me feeling good? For you dear readers that Love the Lord and are single, once you find someone like that you pursue them, they are rare, however God is doing something and they are becoming more common.

It was Kirsten, that was there for me when I lived in the airport, and when my grandpa died. Thats when she became my best friend. And that is when I began to think to myself, hmm she's my best friend. But still I would not allow my heart to go to a place of love. I was in Hawaii over Christmas and so was she. She went to China and I stayed in Hawaii to staff the DTS. We stayed in touch, and when she came back she told me how she felt. Now I know this is going to sound crazy but at the time I said something to the effect of, "Hey, I'm really sorry, but I don't like you like that." I know dumb right?

The next day I got on a plane to go on outreach. I couldn't stop thinking about her, so I started to talk to the Lord about her. He told me it was my choice. One of my best friends and I were talking over the matter, and he asked if I could see myself doing life with her. That settled the matter for me. After that I had to wait till the 15th, Lord told me too. That night I got on skype and told her how I felt, day after that I asked her parents for their permission and blessing, all three of them said yes(Kirsten and her parents).

So for you dear readers, please welcome to the journey Kirsten Jean.