Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Big Fish and Big Dreams

yesterday our marine biologist caught a 400lb marlin, they look like a sword fish, and i got to help cut it up, dts is an adventure. life is supposed to be like this, full. full of new experiances full of light full of friends full of God. now i know and believe that there will be times that we do not experiance this fullness, but that is a good thing, if all we experianced was a fullness of life we would not fully appreciat it. only after knowing hunger and longing can we completly enjoy the fullness God wants in our life. its like Jesus he is such a mystery on one hand there is nothing in this universe that satisfies like Jesus but at the same time i am left hungry for more i am left wanting.

God is begining to put a vission for the future in my heart. part of me wants to stay in YWAM and continue on this adventure in missions. thats a missleading statement, i will continue in missions. but i am not sure if that means i will be with YWAM or not. now as to this vision i see the church rising once again from the ashes. maybe your the average american church goer and you belive that the church is doing fine, if thats the case this is really going to hurt: she isnt. the church is a shatered weak hardly recognizable wisp of smoke, compared to what she is supposed to be. now i know what your asking, alex what are you talking about we go to church and feel good isnt that what its about? well yes it is, if you dont ever read your bible. you see the church in the bible is completly diffrent from the church of today, and i am not talking about your sound systems, i am talking about people being healed miraculesly. i am talking about a church model where we ask God for his plans instead of making plans and asking God to bless them. im talking about a church where we spend more money on missions then on the potluck. you see God wants to move in BIG WAYS. you might be thinking thats nice alex but God doesnt do that anymore. he doesnt? what bible are you reading? doesnt the bible say that God is the same yesterday today and tomorow (Heb 13:8) cause if it does oh and it does then that means that God still does miracels and he still speaks to us through prophetic words. when did we decicde that it was ok to stop using the bible to guide us? when did we decide to ignore the great commision? when did we decide it would be better to not offend some one and let them go to hell? cause you know what thats what we have decided.

i know that getting upset about this is not going to change things. you see God is coming back for his bride, the church, and she needs to get ready and God is going to do it. i just want to be part of it. ok so maybe you dissagree with what i said thats fine tell me about it, but first ask God if there is more to him that he wants to show to you. ask him "God can this fullness that Jesus talked about (jn 10:10) be more full?"

Friday, February 13, 2009


i am a loud person, in all respects. this week i was official the sickest, physicly, that i have ever been in my entire life, like i have said im loud, so loud in fact that people a floor above me and three rooms down heard me throwing up, but that does not take the cake, 50 yards away my friend beth in her room heard me. im better now though.

God is so much more intense then we let on. i think its because we are completly comfortable that we try and nueter him and make him tame, but you see there is the problem God is not tame he never has been and he never will be. you see back home i acknowledge that God has the power to heal the sick and do cool things like that but if you tried to actualy have that happen i would be the first to say you must be outside your mind. you know whats cool? in the time that i have been in Kona i have seen countless miracules healings and been part of one. God moves in the supernatural and we need embrace that and let God out of the box called the american church. i love my church and i am sure you love yours but the jesus at my church has been castrated and is not the awesome and powerfull God of the bible.

God is indeed making me a radical beliver and i am going to come home and pray for the sick and expect God to heal them. you might be asking "but alex what if they dont get healed?" well then they dont get healed but i was called in the bible to preach the gospel and heal the sick(mark 16:15-18). if God said to do that then you know what thats what im going to do, and if someone doesnt get healed, they can ask God why he didnt heal them. because you see its God who heals people not me, if it was by my power guess what? i would not have got sick this week i would have just healed myself. done. but i did get sick and i got prayed for but i stayed sick. sometimes you get healed and sometimes you dont. i have no idea why its that why i just know that right now in my life thats how it is.