Wednesday, October 27, 2010


No flights. No Hotel. Things were looking grim and I felt helpless, I was disappointed and discouraged. I sent for my bags and began to think. All of a sudden it hit me, Cam Hodges. Cam is a friend from back home and had recently moved to D.C. to go to school. I could have stayed in the airport that night, but after having my heart of hope beat up all day I wanted a bed. So I called Cam, it turned out he could come and get me. By the time I got my bag he was there. Cams house was a classic college music house, records every where and a huge mess, but you could feel that allot of fun had been had there. For the first time ever Cam made me food, I skyped my friend Kirsten, texted Paul the pilot about my ticket and went to bed. Cam doesn't have a car so I didn't get back to the airport until around 1 or 2, but that was alright because my friend Anna Cavoto was on her way to England and had a layover, I was praying to get on this flight with her.I met Anna at the check in counter and we went through security together.

seeing familiar faces is an incredibly encouraging thing, it can be a little strange seeing people out of context and at times confusing but it is always fun. As it was lunch time and Anna had food from the love feast back in Kona, we went to the Z gates and had lunch. Then went to the gate, we prayed I get on, she got on. The plane left. I stayed.

disappointment, frustration, confusion, determination. All these played into my heart right then. In my mind God had abandoned me, I would stay in that airport until i rotted, I was angry with him and was beginning to believe some serious lies. I was talking with my friend on the phone, complaining about how awful my life was. She wouldn't stand for it, and called me out and told me to go get with Jesus and work these things out. So I did. I poured out my heart and laid out my complaint nothing was held back, he listened, patiently waiting for his turn to talk. I dont recall what the Lord said to me word for word, but i do remember having a changed perspective and feeling the love of the father for me. I knew that I was going to be in that airport for a bit longer because he wanted to teach me somethings, but it was going to be ok.

I had one more flight I could catch, so I waited, got in line, didn't get on it and entered my first night at the airport.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dulles part 2

The plan was to meet Kim and Lindy and get the morning flight to London, that was the plan. I got to the airport later then expected, I had wanted to meet them at the gate as they got off their plane. That did not happen. I did however meet them at our gate, the next few events was a foreshadowing of the next four days. I went to the check in desk and made my self known and what kind of ticket I had, they said if there were any seats I would be called at the end of boarding. The plane began to board and i began to wait. Kim and Lindy got on the plane, I still waited, they called a name, I waited. They printed the passenger list and closed the gate.

They rolled me over to the next flight. I wanted to move some things from my cary on to my checked bag, so i unchecked my bag and left the gates. after a quick change of luggage it was time for lunch. Subway, at this point I had mixed feelings about the whole situation, on the one hand I new of the chances of this happening, on the other hand I had all the hope in the world that I would get on the next flight, and if not that one then certainly the next. I was disappointed and a little frustrated that I was not on the first flight with my friends, however I did have a great sub and was spending some great time with Jesus.

Airports are not designed to hang out in, they are made to get you through them. I was not moving through instead I was staying all day. How do you deal with the deep desire to get to your destination and the inability to get there coupled with God dealing with deep unbelief? Airports are not designed for deep spiritual moments. But God doesn't care about that.

I had Wendy's for dinner, I watched the sun set and sat in a window next to some escalators. you can really do whatever you want in an airport, no ones really going to hassle you. after diner I skated in the airport. Then the next flight. I was full of excitement and hope to catch this flight, I had spent all day at the airport so it stands to reason that God would get me on this one, I wouldn't have to wait for the next flight. The people got on, I waited, the passenger list was printed out the gate closed, and I stayed on the ground. "Well thats ok, their is still one more flight surly i will get that one."

More waiting, a Mike Bickle teaching, episode of "Band of Brothers". Time to start boarding the regular passengers, "I'm Alex Graves, I'm flying standby." "We will call you at the end if their is room." Wait. Worry, pray, hope, doubt, pray more, doubt, "where are you God?" They printed the passenger list closed the gate and I was now with out an option.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I love skating in odd places. I cant do many tricks, just ollie and manuals. But one of my favorite things is skating in obscure places, places you would never think would be good to skate in. When I was in China I had the rare opportunity to skate the Great Wall, its a highlight from being alive. I skated other places there as well but that was the most epic. One of my favorite places to skate, is in airports. as important as security is in airports its actually really lax. In the past year I have been to 4 different countries and way more airports, half the airports I've skated in. I was told not to, twice. Its a good way to kill some time, get some exercise and have fun. There is this element of I'm not really supposed to do this, but at the same time its ok, that makes it rather thrilling.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Prelude to a Life Change

Flying can be a tricky thing, especially when its on standby. but I'm already ahead of myself let me back up. Phase three left the first tuesday of September to go to California, I however was staying back in Kona, The Lord had told me earlier I would do that, so it was no big surprise. My goal was to raise money for outreach and get to Greg and Lizzy's wedding in london. I had got enough money to get me to the east coast and had heard a rumor of a ticket that would be $500 roundtrip east coast to london. so, I bought a ticket to D.C. though at this point I still didn't have a ticket to London, but Jesus said I would get there so I put all my trust in him and went fourth. Three days before I was going to fly I finally got ahold of my pilot friend, he could get me the ticket and it looked like I may even fly first class. Fantastic.

It was the afternoon that I was going to fly and I was going to have a layover in DC for one night, so I thought. So I sent an email to my moms best friend who lives near the airport asking if I could stay at her house, then I went to the airport and started my journey. I got on that first plane praying that I would get my own row, and thats exactly what happened. The next flight was not the case, but thats alright.

I got to DC with no idea of wether or not I would be staying at the airport or at Roberta's. So I called a friend in Hawaii had her get on my facebook and check for messages. This is what I heard:

Sorry but tomorrow is not going to work out for us. But I've made (and paid) a reservation for you at the following hotel near the airport. They have a shuttle from the airport and free breakfast. So that should tide you over. The reservation is in your name and confirmation number is 45200534."

When I heard sorry my heart sank, however I was mentally prepared for this, but then bam my own hotel room. This wasn't any motel six, This place was great. I had a burger, watched T.V. Skyped and went to bed, it was superb. The next morning I woke up later then I had planned, but it was alright I still got to the airport around the time I was planning on. But thats where my plans ended and I began a journey that would significantly alter my entire being.