Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Circuit Riders

How do you summarize five weeks of intense revival training? Well I can't, however I can tell you this, I feel so so equiped to bring revival and spread the gospel, better then ever before. Circuit Riders was a five week training course on how to bring the gospel and see revival happen. But more then that it was a gathering of people. 300 wild men and women converged on Kona to be trained and love the Lord together. For me and so many others it was a reunion of friends, and the end of a story. Friends I have made over the last three years came, some that I had not seen since my DTS and others that I had not seen for a few weeks. We laughed worshiped and reminisced about past times. I was sitting at the cafe with my friend Sarah and we began to discuss all the plans for the future we and our friends had, our community was scattering all over the world. Our time in Kona was coming to a close, my time on those shores was almost over. Kona had been my home the past three years, (two and a half at the time) and now the Lord was leading me to pursue Kirsten and go to Africa. It was a time of closure it was a time of new beginnings and it was a time of radical faith, healings and salvation. I even got arches after 25 years of flat feet. God has been moving for years but something is stirring in the earth, revival is a reality and God is going to do it in our lifetime. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

The End of DTS

DTS was an incredible journey, I saw me student grow from everyday run of the mill Jesus lovers to rapid wild in love with the gospel missionaries. But for me personally it was an incredible journey of growth. Its hard to say what was solidified then and what is still being worked out. I will say this learning to lead and to be in a relationship with a woman half way around the world was the hardest thing. When you are pushed out into leadership all of your insecurities about being a leader come to the service and you can either ignore them or deal with them. I chose to deal with them as best I could. What do you do when you feel like everyone around you thinks you are a crappy leader? What do you do? You go to God and ask him who you are, you go back to the word of the Lord that got you there in the first place you man up and press in. Some times when life gets hard its easy to lay down and say woe is me, I'm not going to lie and say i never did that. I had plenty of moments where thats how I felt and I needed Kirsten or one of my co-leaders to call me out of it. At the end of DTS when I looked back at all that we did on the west coast I was incredibly proud of my team, I had a feeling of accomplishment that continued to grow as I went into the next season. The Circuit Riders

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Back Again

Hello dear readers, its been a while. 3 months actually, any way a lot has happened and I am going to be bringing you back up to date on the journey. I know what you long term readers are thinking to yourselves, "Alex, you've said this all before, but I am still wondering what happened in Pakistan, and what about what happened in the northeast?" Well those are fair questions. Here is my answer, I am going to give you some titles to hold you over for now so that you your taste buds are whetted, then as the next few weeks come along you can read all about it. I dont know if I will ever fill in the blanks with pakistan, I would love to, but it was two years ago so my memory is a bit hazy. Now for the last three months.

The end of DTS

The Circuit Riders

The Downfall of Skype

Home Again and Gone


Stuck Once More

Another cheep ticket

Reunited in Africa


Our Engagement story

I know everyone out there is dying to hear the story about how I asked Kirsten to be my wife, well you are just going to have to wait for a bit, I will tell you this, she said yes! These are the working titles for the next few updates so they are subject to change but I wanted to tell you all the wait is over and I am back.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Next Step In An Adventure

My side of the story. As you have all read, the Seattle House Of Prayer is a dream of mine. The plan was to launch in the fall. I had a staff committed for two years. But all of that began to change. Two things happened this spring, One I started to date Kirsten, two God began to call my staff elsewhere. No one likes to go back on a commitment, it never feels good and always is awkward, I love all of them and we are all still good friends so its worked out well. But what I am learning is that our decisions change our plans whether we were planning on them doing that or not. So now for the adventure. Africa. South Africa, Cape Town to be more precise. That is where I am headed for the fall, but there it will be the spring. But here is the real adventure, Revival and pursuing the heart of the one I love.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What we did on Outreach

One adventure is over and a new one has now begun. But before we really get into the meat of what is next lets take a look at what my team accomplished on outreach. God is good and moves when we partner with his heart. We spent ten weeks working our way up the west coast, and last friday our DTS came to a close back here in Hawaii with graduation. However, before we as a team left the mainland we took a look at what we had done and took some stats. So here is what we did by category:



Full Gospel preached

18 times

Healing or partial healing

11- 9

Received Holy Spirit


Times of Communion


Prayer walks


Prophetic Acts


Time of outdoor worship


Acts of Mercy Ministry


Times of teaching or preaching


People Prayed For


We will never know how many people we actually affected because of the ripple of our lives. But I do know this, The Kingdom was advanced on the west coast and, people know about Jesus a little more because of it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Adventure Begins

Last week the Lord told Kirsten to start raising money to come to Kona, for the first two weeks of August. And so the adventure begins. Getting from Cape Town to Kona is no small thing, they are literally on other sides of each other on the globe. But she is obedient to the Lord and has never had a lack, so she began to ask her friends for help by donating 20 dollars each. within 5 days she got $360, and another $360 pledged to her. We don't fully know what the final price for a roundtrip ticket will be, but we know we have a lot to go. God is Good and has never left us lacking, and both of us have always gotten to the place God called us to. We did it with your help. Will you help to people in love be in the same place for the first time in two months? Will you help by donating 20 dollars or more? Leave a comment or email me at

Thursday, June 9, 2011


After hinting at this for months it is now time to tell you all about The SHOP.

In the fall of 2009 while I was in China, my friend Alyssa was speaking in a conference about prayer and worship and she said, "When we pray for our cities it changes the atmosphere." Right then I saw a picture in my mind of a map of Seattle covered with glowing dots, the dots were houses of prayer, and the glory of God was coming down out of heaven onto the houses of prayer. Then it spread out connecting with each other changing the city from a city of darkness to a city of light.

The next thing I heard was, "Do it." I said to the Lord, "God, if you want me to do this you need to show me how." The rest of the trip he gave me strategy for what is now called The SHOP.

What is the SHOP exactly? At the most simplistic level it is believers living in authentic community with their lives centered around loving Jesus and seeing the love for the Lord transform Seattle. But what does that actually look like?

The three forms of the SHOP are: Community houses, The coffee shop, and The corporate Prayer room.

First the community. Everything in the Kingdom of God starts with Community, from the creation of the world to the SHOP. What we are going to do is get a house and live in, turn one room into a prayer room and go after true community, not just co-habitation. It is one thing to get a bunch of people to live together, frats do that, this is about being real raw and deep with each other. Laying down our lives to see each others dreams come to pass, encouraging and sharpening each other in our faith. The big thing here is community, calling in our neighbors and letting them know about the love of God by actually loving them.

Then there is the coffee shop. The last thing Seattle needs is a mediocre coffee ministry. Our first priority beyond even lots of ministry, is being the best. As a cafe in Seattle we want to have the highest quality in everything we do, from who we get our beans from too the roast all the way to pouring a perfect latte. Every cup is prayed over and all of our baristas will be trained on how to pull a perfect shot every time and how to hear the voice of the Lord. Attached to the cafe will be a prayer room, when the cafe is open the prayer room is open, and we will have people always in the prayer room singing songs to the Lord changing the atmosphere in the area. Then when some one comes into the cafe and gets their latte some one can give them a word from the Lord, then lead them to Jesus and right there in the cafe connect them to a community of people that will disciple them.

Discipleship is really at the heart and core of the SHOP. Teaching other people the teachings of Jesus and how to teach it to others is what Christianity is about. Its the model Jesus used, He got 12 knuckle heads taught them all he could over three years, died, rose and said now go teach everyone else. Thats what we want to do, Teach everyone about Jesus. But if only one person does it on their own the task is too big. So we get it smaller by multiplying ourselves.

Lastly is the corporate prayer room. This will be a place in the city that will be open fully to the public 24/7. The goal is to get 24/7 Prayer and worship shifting the spiritual atmosphere of the city.

Thats what the SHOP is all about.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The End Of A School And The Edge Of A Cliff

We are a week away from the end of our DTS, my students are absolutely amazing. I could not be more proud of them, they go out and tell everyone about Jesus. God has done some crazy things in my heart on this trip from bringing Kirsten into the picture, to giving me a renewed passion for discipleship and fresh faith for transformation in Seattle. After I return to Kona I will have a little bit of time off to sit reflect and relax after 6 intense months.

The other day The Lord said something to me, "Alex, get ready for an adventure." In six words God took every plan and sense of security and threw it out the window. You see when God tells you to get ready for an adventure that means you are about to dive into anything. There is no telling what may happen, it may be as small as going to the store and getting a free shirt, or you can end up in the middle of russia, or perhaps live in an airport, the options are as infinite as the one taking you on the adventure. This can be a scary place to be, a great abyss of unknown staring you in the face. However, when you understand God a little the fear melts away. God is infinitely good and loving, He is the one calling you away, He is the provider for the whole thing. When God tells you to get ready for an adventure, what he really is saying to you is "Get ready to see how good I am. I'm about to show off and everyone is going to see."

What will happen with The Seattle House Of Prayer? Will I go to South Africa and see Kirsten? Will I live in another airport? What is going to happen at Circuit Riders? Will I ever finish writing about my last adventure? I guess we will all have to wait and find out.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Living by Faith and Help

I live by faith. But I gotta pay the bills. In the last two years I have had more expenses then I truly care to think about, from plane tickets to food to rent, it has added up. Every penny I have prayed in. But every penny came from some one. So that being said I want to thank you.

Thank you.

I have not been able to be on this journey if it was not for you. You have made all of this possible. You have been just obedient to The Lord as I have. Thank you.

With that said, I want you to know that I have made all of this finance stuff easier for you my readers by expanding the blog and adding a page for you to donate on. Check it out.

also The SHOP. Get ready a post is in the works!

Thanks for reading. Also thank you to everyone who read last weeks post it was the most popular post in the history of the blog. I like that. I like her.

Monday, May 23, 2011


An Update.

Well, We are on our way to Seattle now, so there is allot to tell you about on this adventure. My team is amazing, they are constantly looking for oportunities to share the gospel and bless people, we were at the laundry mat and they went to a conveniance store and prayed for the owner who

is a christian. We have prayed for close to 300 people sharing the love of God with them and telling them about The Lords heart for them. And now we are about to go to Seattle and Samammish for the finality of out trip.

But what about my adventure, well its been a crazy one. Let me tell you about my Girlfriend. What? You Haven't heard that Im in a relationship with an amazing woman of God. Kirsten and I have been friends since last february, When I first met her I knew she was cool, she has great style and fantastic taste in music and Loves Jesus in a way most people just don't. But at the time she was a friend and I looked at her like a sister. But that didn't last long. She quickly became a really close friend. Their was alot of times when something would spark in my heart and it was a little bit of love, but I refused to let my heart go to that place. As I continued to get to know her, I discovered more and more time and again how amazing she is. The thing that has always amazed me is her love for Jesus, she cares so much about him being loved by the lost that at times she is moved to tears. Who in Christianity cares about Jesus being loved more then their crap getting cleaned up? How much of my walk is about me? How much of my worship is about me feeling good? For you dear readers that Love the Lord and are single, once you find someone like that you pursue them, they are rare, however God is doing something and they are becoming more common.

It was Kirsten, that was there for me when I lived in the airport, and when my grandpa died. Thats when she became my best friend. And that is when I began to think to myself, hmm she's my best friend. But still I would not allow my heart to go to a place of love. I was in Hawaii over Christmas and so was she. She went to China and I stayed in Hawaii to staff the DTS. We stayed in touch, and when she came back she told me how she felt. Now I know this is going to sound crazy but at the time I said something to the effect of, "Hey, I'm really sorry, but I don't like you like that." I know dumb right?

The next day I got on a plane to go on outreach. I couldn't stop thinking about her, so I started to talk to the Lord about her. He told me it was my choice. One of my best friends and I were talking over the matter, and he asked if I could see myself doing life with her. That settled the matter for me. After that I had to wait till the 15th, Lord told me too. That night I got on skype and told her how I felt, day after that I asked her parents for their permission and blessing, all three of them said yes(Kirsten and her parents).

So for you dear readers, please welcome to the journey Kirsten Jean.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quick Update

So, I don't think this is going to be a big theological discourse. We are on outreach now, its been crazy. our first few days we spent in San Diego, went to church and did a ministry night. Then we went to LA. We have been here going after family and friendship and seeing the kingdom. One of my highlights came from monday. We went down to venice beach and had one hour to release the love of God on the streets. So we split into groups of two, I was with my student Elizabeth, the first thing we did was pray for a guy advertising medical marijuana, asking that he would get baptized in the Holy Spirit. Then we saw homeless man, his name is Mike, we prayed for his finger that was badly burned, then we got him pizza. After that we met Terry "The Original Kick Me In The Ass Guy", he had a sign saying kick me in the Ass for $1. Instantly God started telling me about his value, "He is more valuable to me then all the gold and silver in the world." So I told him that and we prayed for him. He liked it. Then we hung out with the homeless. Now this is a rather poor strategy for the everyday, but for then it was a great thing. Loving the lost, intensely for a moment is better then never loving them for a life time.

Also there is new stuffs

Friday, March 25, 2011

יְהוָה יִרְאֶה The Lord Will Provide

God is good, my math however, is not. We are about to leave on outreach to the west coast this thursday. I am in charge of my teams finances and had failed to do a simple task of of keeping up on them, on tuesday we still needed $5,876.50. We were supposed to have had all of it in two weeks ago. I messed up. I added wrong and missed some stuff in our budget, and now we were in the soup. I have seen God provide money out of thin air, literally, I have seen thousands of dollars come in in a matter of minutes. I knew this was not to big for my God. So I asked him, "Jesus, what are the obediance steps you want me to be taking to see all of my teams money come in?" My reply was terrifying, "Nothing." To get my money I was to ask no one, no desperate calls, no emails, just pray. "Ask me and I will provide for you by tomorrow night." That was on wednesday. As I prayed and talked with my students, the number went down, by the end of the day it was at $3,626.50, by thursday lunch, $2,036, by that afternoon $1,230. That night, $1,130. By the end of our corporate gathering it was down to $670. And as of right now my team needs only $640. God is called by many names in the bible, one of my favorite is Adonai-Jira, The Lord will provide, we find this name in Genesis 22:14. Its part of the story of Abraham sacrificing his chosen son Isaac. If God calls us to do something he will always provide for us. Abraham killed a ram not his son. He has never left me lacking and he has always taken me to where He called me to go. Where is your lack, what is your need? Ask with faith and he will provide for you. My God is a provider, My God is faithful.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

What am I going to do next?

Where am I going and what am I doing? Now thats an easy question for me. I am going to the west coast, starting in LA and headed to Seattle. I'm Co-leading a team to the west coast. RIght now I still need $2,000 for the whole trip. Is God Good yes Can he provide it? Yes? But where does it come from? You. But why would you donate? For a number of reasons, One you believe in what we are going to be doing. You believe in me. You want a tax write off. And many more. But what are we going to be doing? let me tell you all about it. In LA we will be training trainers, teaching the body of Christ how to multiply and doing simple street evangelism. We also will be going to Arizona for a few days to help with the premier of a film called "Sex And Money: A National Search For Human Worth" A documentary on sex trafficking in America. Then after a month we In LA we will head to Seattle with a few brief stops in between. In Seattle we will be preparing the way for the Seattle House of Prayer, A ministry that I am leading. The Seattle House of Prayer(SHOP) is a community of believers dedicated to radical relationship with Jesus Christ, Authentic community and seeing all of Seattle come to know and be in radical relationship with the person of Jesus Christ. We will be doing extended times of pray and worship in the city as well as street evangelism and planting simple house churches on university campuses. And where does this money go? Transportation, housing and ministry expenses. It will cover everything we need for the full 75 days of outreach. Well that sounds great Alex. Thank you very much. Another question for you, how do I donate? Well you can call or email +1 (808) 326-4428 / or click this link

Thank you so much for all of your help over the last two years thank you for your prayers, and thanks for reading.

Also here is a trailer here for the film we are going to promote.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Beautiful Stroke of Truth From an Imperfect Life.

DTS. What an awesome time, I did mine in 09 and it was amazing and started me on a journey of learning about who God is, who I am and what we together are going to do in the world. There is no real direction with this post I just want to share my heart with you faithful readers and those of you that have stumbled upon this blog.

God has radically changed my life, before I really started to run with the Lord my life was a waste, all I did was spend my time chasing after girls so that my insecurities would be fed, I lead a life of radicle impurity and compromise. I had a job so I could get money, I got money so I could get booze, I got booze so I could get girls and try and drown the shame of my most recent sin. The hearts I stepped on bruised and broke in the name of me feeling good is countless. My identity was in how the world around me saw me. Ya, I sti

ll went to Church, but it was a farce, lipstick on a pig, a large loud swelling orchestra of a lie to the world and myself that said my fake life makes all my sin, dirt and shame ok. It wasn't. I was broken and I knew I needed to get out of my little world I had made for myself. But my hypocrisy didn't end at church, it extended into my poetry, striving for holiness but living broken, every last poem condemned the way I was living. I was in the wrong and I knew it. Everything in me wanted to get out of the cycle but I could quit the sin, I was stuck.

But there is always hope, even when it is faint and far. After my shows we would always go to Denny's, So I asked my friend to come with us. On one condition would my friend and his fiancee come, if I would go to Hawaii and do a DTS, specifically the one he was staffing, Xtreme places. I said yes and we shook hands. Friends, Family and co workers found out about where I could go on outreach. Central Asia, "We want you to go, just not there. You could die." I was already dead on the inside, I knew Jesus would be in Hawaii, and I knew that he would bring me back to life. What concern does a dead man have for dyeing? None.

How would I pay for it? How would I get there? What would it be like? I didn't care, I just had to go. Go I went. I got of the plane, dreadlocks down to my butt, chubby from beer, wearing a tie dye V-neck, unsure of the next six months. I met my staff, my two friends ran to greet me shaking with excitement because they knew what God was about to do. That f

irst weekend, we told our stories. In a class of 10

guys and one girl with our 11 staff, I told the most delightful, surface level story of how I got there. Yes I grew up in a christian home, yes I struggled with Porn just like most other men in America, but God set me free its all good. Fake. And then my classmates began to break down weeping confessing the gross ugly reality of there lives, the drugs, the alcohol the sex, all of it . Broken honesty flowed like a river, and the deep well of insecurity in my heart began to boil over. "What if they find out the truth of how black my heart is? What if they know about the deeds of darkness? They will hate me and throw me out! I have to leave now! I'll reject them before I get rejected!" What a bunch of ridiculous lies to avoid the truth, I was black with sin, covered in dirt, filthy, grimy, despicable, I deserved death for what I had done and no amount of good works would ever change it. I was going to run. I was literally planing on getting my bags and hitchhiking back to the airport, I don't know what I would do when I got there but I would get away from the island and the confrontation with my sin. If I stayed I would have to die. And die I did.

I decided to let it all out and see if they would Love me. I let it all out, everything. All my sin from when I was a kid being introduced to sexuality at 5 or 6 and then to porn later, to all the girls, all the alcohol and all the emptiness. It was out in the open, the windows to my heart the doors the roof everything was open, the darkness came out in a massive confession.

And then the light could come in.

Then I was baptized for the second time, I gave my life to Jesus, I said your the boss from now on, I cant run my life any longer. I got a fresh revelation of his Lordship. When I asked him to be my Lord and Savior, I gave up the right to my life, my comfort, my preferences, I gave up my right to me. Because I gave me to him.

It was a new day, LIGHT! Glorious light from His love streamed in. He started to tell me over and over that he loved me. Until I got upset and asked, "Why wont you tell me something else?"

"Because I want you to know and believe that I Love You."

I Cut my Dreads, giving up the identity in how everyone saw me, and taking the identity he had for me. Son.

I went to Pakistan and got so sick that I at one point weighed 140 pounds, but got radically encountered with real lasting relationship. I learned to hear his voice in the mountains of a muslim nation because there was no one else to talk to at times.

But I was not yet done living in the community and was planning on coming back to Kona. He told me one day about the rest of the year as I bathed my feet in a mountain stream. Lecture phase for DTS, was marriage between us, Outreach in Pakistan was the honeymoon, the next lecture I would be pregnant, the next outreach, I would give birth.

The language was odd, but I trusted and he continued to show me what he meant. I went home for a month. I hated it, and decided then and there I would never return

to Seattle long term. I was a missionary based out of Hawaii. I was back with my best friends and I was going to China, I fell more in love with the Man that freed me from me, I grew deeper with my friends. Something was growing inside me, I felt a tug in my heart back to Seattle, a desire to see a city of darkness turn into a city of light.

China. Getting there was a miracle of financial breakthrough, but what happened there directed the course of my life for the next few years. My friend Alyssa was speaking at a conference on prayer and worship that we as a team were putting on and she said, "When we pray for our cities it changes the atmosphere." Instantly I got a picture of a map of Seattle cover with glowing dots, the dots were houses of prayer, and the Glory of God was coming down on the dots and spreading out until they all were connected and the city was covered in the Glory of the Lord. And Seattle went from a city of darkness to a city of light. "Do It."

The rest of the trip I got the frame work for what The Seattle House of Prayer would look like. This vision in my heart became the SHOP. A more in depth look at that later.

I spent another year in Hawaii, growing in my relationship with Jesus, ever pretense, all my baggage, my fears, the little insecurities all were confronted and dealt with in some level. I haven't arrived, but I'm farther. He's real. He took me to London for my best friends wedding, he Rescued me from an airport before that, He showed me America, He taught me to make music and. And He became my best friend.

Jesus is not some character in the Bible, he is not some supernatural force. He is not a cosmic ATM where I pray and He makes me feel better. He is a man, He is alive, He is real, I have met him.

He changed everything about my life, I have purpose I have life, and that wasn't even the point. He did it cause he loves me. No strings attached he just does. I'm not saying that everyone needs to do a DTS to experience this, though DTS is a great place for it.

Even in my walk I have changed, at the beginning of DTS my walk was about what God could do in my life, how he could make it better. Thats not what christianity is even about, its about following the Man named Jesus, is about the lamb that was slain receiving the reward for his suffering Rev 5:12. It was never about us its always been about him.

Jesus, thank you so much for taking me out of my sinful selfish me centered worthless life. Giving me a new life binding up my broken heart releasing me from darkness, Isaiah 61:1. taking my heart of stone and giving me a heart of flesh Ezekiel 36:26. You are worthy of it all! Holy Spirit let my life and this story be a testimony of what you can do when some one says yes. Im not any better than any one else, as has been made plain and clear, I haven't arrived. Often times I can still be a jerk to people and to God, but he continues to make me new.

The point of the story is this, Long ago in a garden The God of the universe got dirty and made a man, He didn't need to. He already was in perfect community with himself as Father Son and Spirit. He had no needs, but he wanted to create, and create he did. He brought us into community, we rebelled and since that day he has been making strides to get us back into community. Do we deserve it? No. We deserve death for rebelling against perfect love, we were jerks when we said "perfect unity with The God of the universe The God who is Love, 1 John 4:8, is just not enough for us" But when we deserved death he made a way for us to live.

Thats my story. Its a story of redemption, Its a story about a man that loves perfectly because he is perfect love, and a man that just wants to love that man back.

The story Continues in DC

Our nations capitol. this would be my first week with the team, I had met up with them in PA the day after I got back from the wedding and now I would be leading with Brit. We stayed all together in one house, JHOP (justice house of prayer). most of the week we spent going to different monuments and praying for our nation and understanding the importance of the place, what it represents so on and so forth. We also went to the embassies and prayed for the nations. DC is an interesting capitol, its not actually in a state, its its own thing. As the seat of all three branches of government what ever is released there affects the rest of our nation. Also in the same way whatever is released in the spirit there will affect the whole nation. For example in 2008 for several months at the steps of the supreme court some one would stand and pray for the ending of abortion and the overturning of Roe v Wade. For several months 24/7 there was at least one person praying. At the end of that time, the opinion of america shifted from being pro abortion to being to a majority of americans being pro life. Being in our capitol seeing the history, seing how government works, well at least where it works, and praying for our nation was really special. By the end of the week everyone was looking refreshed and ready for more.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three Snickers

A couple of days ago some crazy stuff started to happen. But first the back drop. Today I was supposed to have 500 dollars for outreach, I was at mostly a loss of who to go to, and didn't know where the money would come from, however as we have seen God has never let me down. It was tuesday, skate night. My first night leading it by myself, we had no keys and no way that I knew of to get or snacks that we sell or play music. Luckily some of my team learned the code to the box and got us our snacks. There was a brand new box of candy bars with snickers in them, my favorite, and I called out to the team, "If any one wants to buy me a snickers I will gladly receive it!" A student cried back "I'll get it for you!" booya.

The next day to cultivate a culture of generosity and on the word of the Lord we had a giving time, I asked the Lord, "Jesus what can I give? What do you want me to Give?" "Nothing." He said. "Nothing?" " Nothing." Ok, so I stood and watched as macbooks shoes and thousands of dollars were being exchanged in acts of radicle generosity. As I stood there, one of my students came up to me and put a fresh 100 dollar bill in my hand, praise God! The time was drawing to a close so I walked to the back of class, My friend Jaimie gave me a snickers, thats 2. Very sweet. Then another one of my students asked me what phone provider I had, its verizon. "Does Verizon support iPhones?" "Well starting This month they do." "I want you to have this."

BAM! iphone 4! IN ITS BOX! A bit used but amazing nonetheless. Then Jaimie goes and buys me a brand new OTTERBOX For the thing! That night a got another 100 dollars.

This morning I was with a band of brothers, we get together to talk about how awesome Jesus is. I started to tell the tale of my two snickers and began to pray out almost jokingly; "Jesus I'm pressing in for the fullness! God let me have a third snickers and the 300 I need today!" We prayed for God to release the fulness in our lives, what ever that was for each of us in particular. Then I went to class, Brian Brentt brought a great word and we all ended up allot freer. Then my friend Lauren came and gave me a snickers. THE THIRD SNICKERS!!!!! And said to me "Alexander, the Lord wants you to know that he will bring you the fullness of provision." God is so good! For you readers that need a breakthrough in your lives of finances, put your hands out and pray this prayer, Jesus thank you so much that you Love me with such a extravagant love, God I repent for fear of lack in my life. Thank you Jesus that you love me more then the Birds of the air Matt 6:26, how much more will you provide for me?! So right now I take authority over every lie that says you will not provide for my every need and I tell it to go to the foot of the cross, Thank you Jesus for your blood that covers over a multitude of sins. And Jesus I just ask that you would provide for this situation right now.

Then ask the Lord if there is something you need to do to partner with him to get the blessing, maybe it involves radicle generosity, or some form of obedience.

God is good

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Where did I go?

Quick update, so firstly the story will continue. I already have some post written but I wanted to update you guys, its been two months now. so I will cover a little of home and here.

As you may have heard I took a road trip across America with three of my friends, you can read about it here, It was amazing and God did some awesome stuff in my heart getting me ready for this year.

I was home for a week for thanksgiving and then back to the island. Ah good ol' Hawaii. I made it back in time for YWAMs 50th anniversary final celebration. It was amazing the leaps and bounds missions has come and is headed into. After that was Christmas, mele kalikimaka, I spent it here in Hawaii with some close friends, it was fun but a bit sad being away from family.

Now for why I came back. IM STAFFING THE DTS! For you long time readers and friends you may recall that I did a discipleship training school also known as a DTS. Now after two years in YWAM doing schools and an internship, Im staff. We have an amazing school with amazing students that love Jesus so much. As you may know after three months of Lecture there is three months of outreach. I'm leading with two amazing girls, Taylor Mehl and Katelyn Leavitt, we have the best team of 17, 3 families 4 kids 4 singles also 2 bikes. Oh your probably wondering were we are going, well I'll tell you, the west coast of the United states of America, predominantly L.A. and Seattle. Get excited, we are, pray for us, were praying for you. Also pray for provision, I need my first thousand to secure flights on the third of February.

And don't worry I will be posting about after London and all that