Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Quick Update

So, I don't think this is going to be a big theological discourse. We are on outreach now, its been crazy. our first few days we spent in San Diego, went to church and did a ministry night. Then we went to LA. We have been here going after family and friendship and seeing the kingdom. One of my highlights came from monday. We went down to venice beach and had one hour to release the love of God on the streets. So we split into groups of two, I was with my student Elizabeth, the first thing we did was pray for a guy advertising medical marijuana, asking that he would get baptized in the Holy Spirit. Then we saw homeless man, his name is Mike, we prayed for his finger that was badly burned, then we got him pizza. After that we met Terry "The Original Kick Me In The Ass Guy", he had a sign saying kick me in the Ass for $1. Instantly God started telling me about his value, "He is more valuable to me then all the gold and silver in the world." So I told him that and we prayed for him. He liked it. Then we hung out with the homeless. Now this is a rather poor strategy for the everyday, but for then it was a great thing. Loving the lost, intensely for a moment is better then never loving them for a life time.

Also there is new stuffs