Thursday, November 6, 2008

now the work

its official i got in. finally i will have a real journey i am going to travel the world. i think i am getting ahead of myself let me back up. a few months ago i started to apply for a missionary school in kona Hawaii, the school is 6 months long with a two to three month outreach portion to one or more of the following; Afghanistan Pakistan Tajikistan or turkey. what does this mean for my faithful readers and the ones who will soon join the ranks of the alex graves army of readers more posts. it means now i have the great opportunity to do some serious work in gaining support and you all have the pleasure of reading about it. for the sake of accountability i will let you in on the goals for the next two months.

one gain 10,302 dollars for my school
two finish the 10 remaining pieces of literature of the 13 i started
three have two final shows
four enjoy life and don't die from stress
five continue to work out
six get a passport

the rest of my post will be about these six things then on the first i am going to fly to Hawaii and the post will be about what God is doing in my life

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