Sunday, May 4, 2008

where are you from part ii

When i was a junior in high school my life was devoted to the theater, i can thank sarah for that, origanly it wasnt my love but hers and because she was my love it became mine. my best friends where there, i spent all the time i could inside the eastlake theater either on the stage or working behind it. the people i met and spent time there i still very much hold in high esteem. i dont spend enough time with them, these are people that i have a history. some of these storys end in broken friendships and destroyed relationships, but for the most part they end with no fan fare and no notice, they just quietly faded away. my one worry is that most are to far gone to salvage

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Anonymous said...

I fear that some things are just meant to fade away. Fanfare just makes the parting that much harder.