Sunday, July 20, 2008

summer update

Its been a while but i am back, here's a quick update on the summer

hillsboro was great, my favorite way to start the summer. going down to the suburbs of portland oregon and serving is so perfect.
the next big thing was star wars week for full details you can check out ryan graves blog at and ryan johns blog
here is my take on it we started monday people just started showing up at casa del graves ready for the force and bracing themselves for jar jar and jake lloyd. the best part was when the beautifull britney bollz showed up at the bottom of the steps to the basement and every one there thought is she lost or did star wars week just get a little more epic, the answer it got more epic, what with the opening and closing words by ryan johns to otter pops to me and paul dows constant comentary of the film and triking britney by telling her shes pretty, actualy your Gorgeous brit. saddly i missed my favorite return of the jedi but its evens out cause right now on my right is my cousin charissa and my left is my aunt pam, also at the table is my aunt jane you know what that means?

thats right folks its time for the beach we probly will be leaving here in half an hour for a week of hanging out with the fam seriosly folks this is my all time favorite part of the summer

tim has been living with me this summer and its been a trip, saddly we havnt been able to hang out much he's been busy with school and work. hopefully i will spend more time with him

well it looks like its time to pack up the car and head out of olympia
in ryan Johns words
i love you with all of my heart