Friday, January 2, 2009

im here

with any journey their will be ups and downs, and when you throw a trans formative proses done by God their will be some major upheaval. i have now been in Hawaii for four days and it is amazing i wake up and look out my window and i am in the middle of the crown jewel of Gods creation. jerusalem is the capital of Gods kingdom but here in Hawaii is where he walks. its weird when i left there was snow on the ground and its been in the upper 70s since i stepped off the plane. that was a great adventure when i got of the plane i got to use the stairs and go straight on to the tarmac which was awesome. i got to the base got and the first thing that happend was my to dear friends brian and mackenzie byersdorf ran up and geve me hugs welcoming me to hawaii. i then began the orientation, to my suprise i had got alot more support then i was expecting, i still need over $2,000 but i want to thank all of you who are reading praying and supporting me its making a huge diffrence.

to be coninued...

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