Thursday, January 8, 2009

let me tell you about my boat

so for this one you should listen to "let me tell you about my boat" by mark mothersbaugh from the life aquatic soundtrack. is it cued up? ok lets go.

i have been in hawaii for over a week now and everything is amazing first let me tell you about where i live. i live in village one building 4 room 83, i have 6 roommates and one bath room, they are from all over the country and canada, three of them are in my dts and one is on my outreach team, his name is Jordan. from my room i can get to all the important areas of the campus in less then a minute walk, to my left at the end of my building is the dts lounge, where i am writing this. 20 steps out my door is where we have our meals, they are outside because of the fact that we are in hawaii and the weather is nice alot. 19 steps from my door in the same direction is the cashier and finance offices where i check my balance, i still need that $2,190. in the other direction is the library and prayer room.

my class's are amazing and so are my class mates and staff we have bonded faster then normal and gotten closer then most, it might have something to do with the fact we are so extreme or maybe that God is moving in big ways. for example last week we were sharing our testimonies and it went from how did i get here to lets confess one to another all the sins in our past that have kept us from God. it was amazing all of us feel lighter and closer to each other and God.

let me tell you about my adventures.

last week we went to two different beaches makalevana and hapuna. makalevana was especialy fun because you have to walk down this long path but we took a wrong turn and ended up walking across a lava feild. now if you were ever wondering what frodo and sam walked across just walk across a lava feild it looked like mordor it was crazy. we didnt actualy make it to the beach but it was fun none the less, we did end up going to kua bay and had some great body surfing.

hapuna. now hapuna is a state beach with a big break close to the beach easily the face of the waves was 6ft plus. now on this day i was boogie boarding on my friend aarons board and every five minuts a set of three big waves would come in i chose the second wave. i started to paddle and the wave began to take me up and i reached the crest of the wave and i knew i had caught it. i looked over the falls, i got this, i began to head down the wave, no problem, i was becoming more and more vertical head pointed into the ground. i dont got it, over the falls. i went down faster the a fighter in a riged match and then this massive force of nature and energy fell on me. i was as usefull as a mouse in a dishwasher getting tossed and tumbeling, you have no idea where the air is or the ocean floor. my board had been ripped from my hands at the begining and the leash on my wrist was about to cut through and chop my hand off. finaly i found the ground and stood up just in time to get knocked back down by another masive wave, once again into the wash, once again i found the ground and pushed up no more waves. i pulled my board in and it had all but been ripped in half. i tell you the truth it was the best ride of my life.

so i have 6 roomates and they are all so awesome. the other day i came into my room and on my bed sitting on the pillow was a stuffed doll, she was wearing a a dress and a bonnet. it was creepy so i threw it off my bed, that night it was back. this time stareing at me from between the slats above my bed, so i pulled it out and put it on my roomates bed. the next day it was hanging by noose from the light, after that it was hung in the bathroom. it sat out side then had its throat slit and hung from the pull up bar. thats when i felt enough is enough and relized i had to rip its head off. so i did. the legs became capture the flag flags. the body is gone and the head is in the lounge. like i said i have great roommates.

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Ryan Johns said...

Bro its so exciting to hear how things are going over there. I'm praying for you.