Thursday, April 1, 2010

Time in Gilgit

Sadly i have been away from a country that is so dear to my heart, Pakistan. its been a year since i left on my first out reach and i still have yet to finnish the story. here is the real downer, i've forgotten much of the story, maybe a little writing will jog my memory.

well, we made it back to Gilgit, our new bus took us almost up to our door step. when we got there, another team was there from colorado to great us, they were nice. we were exhausted, and smelled, bad, i mean really bad. so the first order of business was a shower and then dinner, then sleep. Gilgit was wonderful. spring had come and things were beginning to bloom, sadly though aaron was still wilting. he took a hard blow in the mountains. and couldn't shake it, even with a visit from Dan Bauman, our school leader. so he decided, that it was time to go home. it really was a bitter sweet time, it was wonderful to see every one back in Gilgit, and yet terribly sad to know that Aaron was going to go home soon.

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