Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jamalabad Part deux

Aaron left, and it was also time for us to go to the village. it was no longer a frozen wasteland but it was instead Shangri la. no really they say the Hunza Valley was the location of the famous Shangri La. any way we spent two and a half weeks up in the village teaching for real, this time school was in session. i taught English using a book called "A Tale of Three Kings" by Eugene Peterson, the book is easy to read and about David, Saul, and Absolam. this gave me great opportunities to talk about Jesus with my students and the other teachers. one of the more exciting parts of the trip was my continuing weight loss. i didn't realize that i was on a diet program. i was, its called giardia. in Gilgit i began a ten day fast, on the fifth day of no food, things started to come out again, this may have to do with the tea. on the fifth day Andy and i decided to play a game. here is how it worked, you can never say no to a cup of tea offered to you unless you absolutely have to because you will be late to a prior engagement. so, i had ten cups of tea, and the water isn't particularly clean, so... you know, i pooped. allot. another thing i did allot of was beat box and so i also taught our neighbors how to do it. oh and I got to play with goats, so... ya it was awesome

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