Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Downfall of Skype

4 months is a long time to go with out seeing your best friend. Its an even longer time to go only seeing your girlfriend through a screen. But after 4 months of skype dating Kristen came to Kona. For two months we had a word of the Lord for her to come to Kona and me to go back with her to South Africa, with a stop in Michigan to meet her family. Finally at the end of July she came to Kona, every ones excitement and anticipation was high waiting for her to get there. People wanted to know would it be weird? We had never been in the same room together whilst dating at this point. Would I be nervous? Would she? Would it be weird? I was to excited to sit in the days lecture, I got to the airport 30 minutes early and waited at the door for 15 minutes, and then.  

I saw her.

I don't remember what she was wearing, but I remember her face. Her smile. It was radiant. Kirsten has an ability to light up a room when she smiles. That day her smile made the kona sun dimmer. We were both stoked out of our minds. We had a ball those ten days, at first it was a little overwhelming but that lasted only a little bit after that we got on with enjoying being in each others presence. Eating costco pizza and watching The Cosby Show, going for Thai food, drinking tea. Or simply just being with each other. But my time in Kona had come to an end it was time to go to Africa. 

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