Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Circuit Riders

How do you summarize five weeks of intense revival training? Well I can't, however I can tell you this, I feel so so equiped to bring revival and spread the gospel, better then ever before. Circuit Riders was a five week training course on how to bring the gospel and see revival happen. But more then that it was a gathering of people. 300 wild men and women converged on Kona to be trained and love the Lord together. For me and so many others it was a reunion of friends, and the end of a story. Friends I have made over the last three years came, some that I had not seen since my DTS and others that I had not seen for a few weeks. We laughed worshiped and reminisced about past times. I was sitting at the cafe with my friend Sarah and we began to discuss all the plans for the future we and our friends had, our community was scattering all over the world. Our time in Kona was coming to a close, my time on those shores was almost over. Kona had been my home the past three years, (two and a half at the time) and now the Lord was leading me to pursue Kirsten and go to Africa. It was a time of closure it was a time of new beginnings and it was a time of radical faith, healings and salvation. I even got arches after 25 years of flat feet. God has been moving for years but something is stirring in the earth, revival is a reality and God is going to do it in our lifetime. 

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