Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Breaking of The Fellowship

two weeks after we arrived in Pakistan the time came for the Afghan team to leave and for aaron and i to head north and leave our leaders for ten days. it was before dawn we woke up and said what i thought was the final goodbye. i don’t know if i will ever see everyone from my school ever again, i doubt that i will see them all in the same place, i love them. they have become closer then family, they know my deepest secrets and darkest places, because they were there as i walked through the pain of giving them to God. they’ve helped me become a man of God and grow up into who i am supposed to be. this parting was painful, my roommate who was also one of the first two friends i made in kona would be leaving, as well as my work duty partner, men that i had spent countless hours with praying and growing as well as having fun with. also two of my leaders, one a man who can see deeply into your heart and pull out the best in you and a woman who has become like a sister and a true encouragement. this parting was painful but it needed to happen, they needed to walk into the destiny that God called them to, and me and aaron needed to do this as well. so we said our goodbyes, then i went back to bed for a few more hours until my journey north was to begin. we woke up, got our stuff and threw it in the back of a truck, had a light breakfast and got ready to depart to jamalabad.

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