Sunday, July 5, 2009


wednesday, dawn, march 28th. i had been traveling for 48 hours but i made it. Pakistan. but not everything did make it. we went through customs, and i got the first stamp into my passport, then i went to claim my bag. baggage claim is the most nerve wracking part of any trip for me, you wait and wait, and wait, never knowing if they lost your bag. so i waited and waited, and waited, the carousal slowly emptied, my team had all got their luggage, but i was left wanting, and God reminded me of something he said to me on the plane to san francisco. i was on the plane and God spoke to me and said my bag would be lost for three days, i of course rebuked the devil that i thought i heard, but it turns out i heard correctly at least that my bag would get lost, it was. their wasn’t much left to do but go to where we were staying. we were staying at the comfort in, for you with an imagination forget what the west looks like, or how a western hotel seems. it was more of a big house then anything, some rooms had western toilets others had squaties. my room was completly pink, pink carpet pink drapes, pink satin comforter, it was awesome. that day we had breakfast and then i crashed, i slept the whole day, apparently i had jet lag, you catch it on planes when you travel half way around the world. i woke up that evening and had dinner and then an unexpected surprise. you see the next day we would be going to Gilgit, and we were leaving at 4 am to get there, well around ten aaron and i got on the internet. the last time i saw my friends in kona i thought it was just that, the last time i would see them, it wasn’t. Aaron has Skype and since it was night here and morning there we skyped everyone back in kona. having people that you know love you is great but what is better is being able to talk to them. for two hours we did just that talked with our friends back in kona, they told us about what we had missed, but mostly we just missed each other. we had been through a transformative experience together and we all wanted more of Jesus in our lives, i have never experienced this kind of love. but i was no longer in the west, i was now in the east and things are different here, like the ability to stay online or have constant electricity. so of course the power went out and i went to bed at midnight, hey i had to get up in three hours and drive to gilgit the next day.

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