Sunday, July 5, 2009


we stayed at the Horizon Guest house here in Gilgit, it has one floor and an accessible roof, when you look out you are surrounded by mountains. mountains taller than anything i have seen, on a clear day we can see rakaposhi’s peak in the distance. the food is excellent. i was in the biggest room basically because there were 6 guys so we were all together. we had orientation about the different people groups and what has been going on in the northern areas. we spent two weeks together as a large team, and with the other westerners. it had been three days and they found my bag unfortunately it took another week for it to get here. “but alex did you just have that one set of clothes?” no the blessing of being overweight in my bag was that i put some clothes in tim's bag so i had a few clothes. my bag did arrive and it was one of the happiest moments of the trip. we worked at the school as well as in an orphanage. now you might still be wondering about the ipod well i had been wondering how to use it for Gods glory and i finally found a way to do it. in kona i bought a five way head phone splitter, and on the plane i picked up a bunch of head phones, so one day at the orphanage i brought my ipod and the headphones. i got to introduce these kids to music and sounds they had never heard before. there was one little girl there she was clearly the runt of the bunch, and i felt like God wanted me to bless her so i let her use my personal head phones. she could hear the music in both ears while the other kids only got one ear bud. i played everything and anything for them, but it was viva la vida by coldplay that made the moment for me, and this little girl. i love that song and she did to, watching her as she heard the sounds of coldplay for the very first time was amazing, an entire new world opened up and her face lit up time and time again as the song flowed, this was one of the happiest moments of this trip. but all the happy moments as a team couldn't last. no the afghan team need to go to afghanistan.

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