Thursday, September 2, 2010

Faith shopping part 1

Faith shopping. Thats right shopping by faith, its exactly what I did two weeks ago. As you all know right now I am exceptionally low on cash, as all my money is going to outreach. So here is the story, Brit, Chris Johnson, and myself decided to go on a bike ride monday evening and we found ourselves at target. while there we found some clothes that would be great in the northeast, for me a pair of skinny jeans and a flannel, it gets cold I hear, and Brit found three dresses, layers she says. Chris did not find anything. I thought to myself some new white shirts would go great with this. we decided that in faith we would put them on hold in the hope and belief that some how God would make a way for us to get these things.

The next day we returned full of faith and hopeful expectation for what Papa had done. We went to pick up our clothes, and to our surprise, I mean we were shocked, they had not been bought yet. Time to regroup. So we did what we know to do, go back to Jesus and ask him what to do, and he told us. so for the next hour under the directions of Holy Spirit we traveled through the store, learning how to work as a team and trust God more.

Closing time, still no money, and no one had come to ask if they could pay for our stuff. "I want you to try and buy your clothes." "Are you messing with me Lord" I replied, "you know that neither of us has money to do that." So I told Brit, "ask the Lord, yes or no." In no time her retort was yes. so we went up to the counter and laid our clothes down, afraid and yet excited for what could happen. She scanned the clothes, $120.31, "Brit, you want to tell her what were doing?" and so she did. And of course this woman looked at us like we were a bit off in the head, and then you know what happened when I took out my wallet to pay for everything? nothing, no money. Though she told Brit, that she was very encouraged by our faith.

So we put our clothes on hold again. The next day we went back, we had decided we did not want to spend the whole evening there. So we picked up our clothes, once again no one had bought them. While we were there we saw some friends from campus and told them what we were doing. Since no one had paid for them, we put them back on hold, but before we did Brit felt like the Lord said we needed to dream bigger, so I added a pack of white shirts and Brit added some tights. We also felt like this was the last time to put them on hold, and if they were not bought we would have to put them back.

The next night, the last night we had decided. We went back, this time we felt like we were supposed to walk around the store and pray for some one before we picked up our clothes. So we did. As we were about to return to the beginning of our circuit we saw a woman, about 50 feet away. She was the one to pray for. So we came up to her and started to talk with her, turned out she is a christian from the other side of the island, she was with her daughter that day and had been shopping all day. And she needed some healing, so we did what we always do, prayed, sadly she was not healed there on the spot, but she sure was encouraged. Then we felt released to pick up our clothes. Like the other times we went up full of faith and expectation, but once again like the last times they had not been paid for, so we said we would like to put them back. Then we left.

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