Friday, September 3, 2010

What Really Happened last week

Did I hear God wrong? That was my question, a fair one I feel after the weeks misadventures. But unbelief and doubt rarely bring us closer to the Lord. So I said, "I don't fully understand this situation, I know what I heard. I know that it does not match what happened, but your still good, and thats what matters." So friday morning I sat in the cafe reading my bible and my friend called to me, "Alex, there is something in the fridge for you." Every morning after riding my bike to base I would go into the cafe, open the fridge and get a glass of water, this day was no different, and there was nothing out of the ordinary in the fridge. So you can imagine my curiosity when my friend Madison said this. "What is it?" I replied. To which she said, "Just come look." So I did. Right there in the fridge was the very pack of shirts that were put on hold two days earlier.

so what happened? Lets go back to tuesday.

We were full of faith and expectation for what God was going to do. it was almost 8 and Brit and I were still on base, I had a feeling that Target was going to close close at 9, seeing as how thats when everything closes here in Kona. So we got our bikes and were about to head out when we were intercepted by a girls small group, all of which I might add were wearing red make shift vests. Brit being the delight that she is began to inform our vested friends what we were about to go and do. Finally after a trust fall, we left. In that group of people was a girl named Taylor, she was in the same type of spot we were in. She needed huge financial breakthrough for her school or she would have to go home. The crazy thing is, the Lord said to her when we told her what we were doing, "I want you to buy them each one thing." So she is thinking to herself, "Lord how am I supposed to do that when I need money myself?" We left and she continued on with her night, wondering if she heard Jesus right or not and how it was all going to work out.

The next night, Taylor and two friends went to Target. She ran into none other than yours truly, we told them what we were still doing and about how we needed to dream bigger. Well that was the final straw for miss Taylor, she had heard the Lord and it was now time to walk out in obedience. We put our stuff back on hold and left. Seizing this golden window and choosing to save what money she had by not buying junk food, Taylor went up to the hold counter and asked to see our bag of clothes. With great indignation the employee brought out our bag of goodies. As she went through it she found the cheapest items, a pack of shirts and a pair of tights. Then she bought them.

For some reason on Thursday, when we went back to Target, we didn't look back in the bags, if we had we would instantly have known that something had happened. We picked up our bag but did not look into it, then we left. which brings us back to the fridge. I suddenly remembered the previous day, Taylor had asked me, "Alex, who were the white shirts for, you or Brit?" then I knew. She gave Brit the tights in the Prayer Room and also got 400 dollars that morning. I was so ecstatic that God had made a way for me to get these shirts. But I had heard him say that he was going to get all of the clothes and I couldn't help but wonder, "What are you up to God?"


Taren said...

Alex! These two blog posts were seriously so encouraging! Thanks for sharing and being able to be humbled in your exploration of his love. it speaks measures.

Cyndy said...

Crazy Alex.
i liked keeping up with your Adventures!