Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What God Was Up To

A couple weeks ago I was covering the morning shifts in the cafe I work at here on base. It was a nice little adventure, I lived on base and got up at 5:45 every morning. Then I would make espresso with my friend Jake for two hours. Once the shift was over I would get a drink and read my bible on the couch. Pretty standard all week, until one morning.

I had been trying to figure out what happened with my clothes the previous week, "I know I got the shirts Lord, but you said that I would get all those clothes." Now I have to say faith shopping was never about getting clothes. What it really was is this, an experiment of walking in radical faith and relationship with God.

So I was going to read my bible when a friend came and stopped me, and asked me if I wanted to come with him to office max. Sure. So we went, now Office Max is really boring and nothing really happened there worth mentioning. So we got back in his car and we were about to drive back to campus and I was debating wether I should retell the events of last weeks adventure, when I was asked, "Do you want anything?"

Now I was at a loss for an answer because I didn't understand the question, it was a bit vague. "What do you mean?" I replied. "Like, do you need any clothes?" "You know it funny you should say that, I do." So I told him the story of the week before as we went to target. every piece of clothing that I put on hold was bought. I mean all of it. The flannel that I had originally put on hold had no tag, the one I grabbed with my friend, the same one. Some times we are like little kids demanding our deserts before our dinner, but God cares about our nutrition.

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