Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three Snickers

A couple of days ago some crazy stuff started to happen. But first the back drop. Today I was supposed to have 500 dollars for outreach, I was at mostly a loss of who to go to, and didn't know where the money would come from, however as we have seen God has never let me down. It was tuesday, skate night. My first night leading it by myself, we had no keys and no way that I knew of to get or snacks that we sell or play music. Luckily some of my team learned the code to the box and got us our snacks. There was a brand new box of candy bars with snickers in them, my favorite, and I called out to the team, "If any one wants to buy me a snickers I will gladly receive it!" A student cried back "I'll get it for you!" booya.

The next day to cultivate a culture of generosity and on the word of the Lord we had a giving time, I asked the Lord, "Jesus what can I give? What do you want me to Give?" "Nothing." He said. "Nothing?" " Nothing." Ok, so I stood and watched as macbooks shoes and thousands of dollars were being exchanged in acts of radicle generosity. As I stood there, one of my students came up to me and put a fresh 100 dollar bill in my hand, praise God! The time was drawing to a close so I walked to the back of class, My friend Jaimie gave me a snickers, thats 2. Very sweet. Then another one of my students asked me what phone provider I had, its verizon. "Does Verizon support iPhones?" "Well starting This month they do." "I want you to have this."

BAM! iphone 4! IN ITS BOX! A bit used but amazing nonetheless. Then Jaimie goes and buys me a brand new OTTERBOX For the thing! That night a got another 100 dollars.

This morning I was with a band of brothers, we get together to talk about how awesome Jesus is. I started to tell the tale of my two snickers and began to pray out almost jokingly; "Jesus I'm pressing in for the fullness! God let me have a third snickers and the 300 I need today!" We prayed for God to release the fulness in our lives, what ever that was for each of us in particular. Then I went to class, Brian Brentt brought a great word and we all ended up allot freer. Then my friend Lauren came and gave me a snickers. THE THIRD SNICKERS!!!!! And said to me "Alexander, the Lord wants you to know that he will bring you the fullness of provision." God is so good! For you readers that need a breakthrough in your lives of finances, put your hands out and pray this prayer, Jesus thank you so much that you Love me with such a extravagant love, God I repent for fear of lack in my life. Thank you Jesus that you love me more then the Birds of the air Matt 6:26, how much more will you provide for me?! So right now I take authority over every lie that says you will not provide for my every need and I tell it to go to the foot of the cross, Thank you Jesus for your blood that covers over a multitude of sins. And Jesus I just ask that you would provide for this situation right now.

Then ask the Lord if there is something you need to do to partner with him to get the blessing, maybe it involves radicle generosity, or some form of obedience.

God is good


Anonymous said...

Awwww Alex, that is so wonderful! God's provision for you and others! This is what I needed to hear too...we are still trying to get our house sold, going into debt and trying to figure out what to do. Michael & I will pray that very prayer tonight! BTW - are you still in need of $ for your trip??? Let me know!
Sue Fowler

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