Sunday, February 27, 2011

What am I going to do next?

Where am I going and what am I doing? Now thats an easy question for me. I am going to the west coast, starting in LA and headed to Seattle. I'm Co-leading a team to the west coast. RIght now I still need $2,000 for the whole trip. Is God Good yes Can he provide it? Yes? But where does it come from? You. But why would you donate? For a number of reasons, One you believe in what we are going to be doing. You believe in me. You want a tax write off. And many more. But what are we going to be doing? let me tell you all about it. In LA we will be training trainers, teaching the body of Christ how to multiply and doing simple street evangelism. We also will be going to Arizona for a few days to help with the premier of a film called "Sex And Money: A National Search For Human Worth" A documentary on sex trafficking in America. Then after a month we In LA we will head to Seattle with a few brief stops in between. In Seattle we will be preparing the way for the Seattle House of Prayer, A ministry that I am leading. The Seattle House of Prayer(SHOP) is a community of believers dedicated to radical relationship with Jesus Christ, Authentic community and seeing all of Seattle come to know and be in radical relationship with the person of Jesus Christ. We will be doing extended times of pray and worship in the city as well as street evangelism and planting simple house churches on university campuses. And where does this money go? Transportation, housing and ministry expenses. It will cover everything we need for the full 75 days of outreach. Well that sounds great Alex. Thank you very much. Another question for you, how do I donate? Well you can call or email +1 (808) 326-4428 / or click this link

Thank you so much for all of your help over the last two years thank you for your prayers, and thanks for reading.

Also here is a trailer here for the film we are going to promote.


Alex said...

Hey man it's Belleba. If you guys want it, I'd be honored to help you all launch SHOP whenever that may be, and I know a couple other guys who I think would feel the same way. Keep me posted.

Anonymous said...

Hey Alex! So excited for your upcoming journeys, but the most amazing thing?? ... that you will be fulfilling your dream of starting the House of Prayer here in Seattle! SO PROUD of you and your commitment and perseverance!!! We will definitely be helping you financially make this happen. Blessings & HUGS!