Sunday, February 13, 2011

The story Continues in DC

Our nations capitol. this would be my first week with the team, I had met up with them in PA the day after I got back from the wedding and now I would be leading with Brit. We stayed all together in one house, JHOP (justice house of prayer). most of the week we spent going to different monuments and praying for our nation and understanding the importance of the place, what it represents so on and so forth. We also went to the embassies and prayed for the nations. DC is an interesting capitol, its not actually in a state, its its own thing. As the seat of all three branches of government what ever is released there affects the rest of our nation. Also in the same way whatever is released in the spirit there will affect the whole nation. For example in 2008 for several months at the steps of the supreme court some one would stand and pray for the ending of abortion and the overturning of Roe v Wade. For several months 24/7 there was at least one person praying. At the end of that time, the opinion of america shifted from being pro abortion to being to a majority of americans being pro life. Being in our capitol seeing the history, seing how government works, well at least where it works, and praying for our nation was really special. By the end of the week everyone was looking refreshed and ready for more.

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