Saturday, October 16, 2010

Prelude to a Life Change

Flying can be a tricky thing, especially when its on standby. but I'm already ahead of myself let me back up. Phase three left the first tuesday of September to go to California, I however was staying back in Kona, The Lord had told me earlier I would do that, so it was no big surprise. My goal was to raise money for outreach and get to Greg and Lizzy's wedding in london. I had got enough money to get me to the east coast and had heard a rumor of a ticket that would be $500 roundtrip east coast to london. so, I bought a ticket to D.C. though at this point I still didn't have a ticket to London, but Jesus said I would get there so I put all my trust in him and went fourth. Three days before I was going to fly I finally got ahold of my pilot friend, he could get me the ticket and it looked like I may even fly first class. Fantastic.

It was the afternoon that I was going to fly and I was going to have a layover in DC for one night, so I thought. So I sent an email to my moms best friend who lives near the airport asking if I could stay at her house, then I went to the airport and started my journey. I got on that first plane praying that I would get my own row, and thats exactly what happened. The next flight was not the case, but thats alright.

I got to DC with no idea of wether or not I would be staying at the airport or at Roberta's. So I called a friend in Hawaii had her get on my facebook and check for messages. This is what I heard:

Sorry but tomorrow is not going to work out for us. But I've made (and paid) a reservation for you at the following hotel near the airport. They have a shuttle from the airport and free breakfast. So that should tide you over. The reservation is in your name and confirmation number is 45200534."

When I heard sorry my heart sank, however I was mentally prepared for this, but then bam my own hotel room. This wasn't any motel six, This place was great. I had a burger, watched T.V. Skyped and went to bed, it was superb. The next morning I woke up later then I had planned, but it was alright I still got to the airport around the time I was planning on. But thats where my plans ended and I began a journey that would significantly alter my entire being.

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