Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dulles part 2

The plan was to meet Kim and Lindy and get the morning flight to London, that was the plan. I got to the airport later then expected, I had wanted to meet them at the gate as they got off their plane. That did not happen. I did however meet them at our gate, the next few events was a foreshadowing of the next four days. I went to the check in desk and made my self known and what kind of ticket I had, they said if there were any seats I would be called at the end of boarding. The plane began to board and i began to wait. Kim and Lindy got on the plane, I still waited, they called a name, I waited. They printed the passenger list and closed the gate.

They rolled me over to the next flight. I wanted to move some things from my cary on to my checked bag, so i unchecked my bag and left the gates. after a quick change of luggage it was time for lunch. Subway, at this point I had mixed feelings about the whole situation, on the one hand I new of the chances of this happening, on the other hand I had all the hope in the world that I would get on the next flight, and if not that one then certainly the next. I was disappointed and a little frustrated that I was not on the first flight with my friends, however I did have a great sub and was spending some great time with Jesus.

Airports are not designed to hang out in, they are made to get you through them. I was not moving through instead I was staying all day. How do you deal with the deep desire to get to your destination and the inability to get there coupled with God dealing with deep unbelief? Airports are not designed for deep spiritual moments. But God doesn't care about that.

I had Wendy's for dinner, I watched the sun set and sat in a window next to some escalators. you can really do whatever you want in an airport, no ones really going to hassle you. after diner I skated in the airport. Then the next flight. I was full of excitement and hope to catch this flight, I had spent all day at the airport so it stands to reason that God would get me on this one, I wouldn't have to wait for the next flight. The people got on, I waited, the passenger list was printed out the gate closed, and I stayed on the ground. "Well thats ok, their is still one more flight surly i will get that one."

More waiting, a Mike Bickle teaching, episode of "Band of Brothers". Time to start boarding the regular passengers, "I'm Alex Graves, I'm flying standby." "We will call you at the end if their is room." Wait. Worry, pray, hope, doubt, pray more, doubt, "where are you God?" They printed the passenger list closed the gate and I was now with out an option.

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