Wednesday, October 27, 2010


No flights. No Hotel. Things were looking grim and I felt helpless, I was disappointed and discouraged. I sent for my bags and began to think. All of a sudden it hit me, Cam Hodges. Cam is a friend from back home and had recently moved to D.C. to go to school. I could have stayed in the airport that night, but after having my heart of hope beat up all day I wanted a bed. So I called Cam, it turned out he could come and get me. By the time I got my bag he was there. Cams house was a classic college music house, records every where and a huge mess, but you could feel that allot of fun had been had there. For the first time ever Cam made me food, I skyped my friend Kirsten, texted Paul the pilot about my ticket and went to bed. Cam doesn't have a car so I didn't get back to the airport until around 1 or 2, but that was alright because my friend Anna Cavoto was on her way to England and had a layover, I was praying to get on this flight with her.I met Anna at the check in counter and we went through security together.

seeing familiar faces is an incredibly encouraging thing, it can be a little strange seeing people out of context and at times confusing but it is always fun. As it was lunch time and Anna had food from the love feast back in Kona, we went to the Z gates and had lunch. Then went to the gate, we prayed I get on, she got on. The plane left. I stayed.

disappointment, frustration, confusion, determination. All these played into my heart right then. In my mind God had abandoned me, I would stay in that airport until i rotted, I was angry with him and was beginning to believe some serious lies. I was talking with my friend on the phone, complaining about how awful my life was. She wouldn't stand for it, and called me out and told me to go get with Jesus and work these things out. So I did. I poured out my heart and laid out my complaint nothing was held back, he listened, patiently waiting for his turn to talk. I dont recall what the Lord said to me word for word, but i do remember having a changed perspective and feeling the love of the father for me. I knew that I was going to be in that airport for a bit longer because he wanted to teach me somethings, but it was going to be ok.

I had one more flight I could catch, so I waited, got in line, didn't get on it and entered my first night at the airport.


Christine Fontaine said...

Lifting you up in prayer right now! I've been in a place of God teaching me somethings and being frustrated, but the freedom and lessons that come with it are so very good! Airports are no fun either so I'm praying for rest and a deeper revelation of His love for you and those around you there. And Dulles is not the greatest! :) i have lots of friends there so if you need anything let me know (I'll message you on fb).

Anonymous said...

Alexander Freeman Graves, of course I still read your blog. Its one of my favorites! Also, I feel really bad because I completely forgot to leave you parents with some money for you. So, If you would be so kind as to text me their address... I have a little something for you :)

I love you so very much Alex! You warm my heart.