Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I had left the terminal, I had no ticket to get back in and was sitting at the baggage claim waiting for my bag to come out. I was eating a dannish and drinking snapple. my former house was amazing the bench I had found there had no arm divders so I could lay down, this was not the case. I tried to nap, it wasn't very easy. The baggage claim at Dulles is dark. Its underground and there are no windows. Now after the past two days of disappointment sitting in a cave is not my idea of fun. After waiting for two hours my bag finally came. time for a change of scenery. Light, windows, space, this is the check in area at dulles, and its glorious, they even have a large windowed area where you can sit and wait, it has electricity, and is close to the bathroom. For lunch I went to the ale house they had there, I had a cheese burger and read the brothers Karamazov.

It got to about dinner and I told the Lord, "jesus, I'm going to go get dinner in an hour." then I went to watch the sunset, as the sun was setting i was griped with hunger pangs, before this I was in not particularly way hungry, but all of a sudden I was starving. So I got my stuff and went to the restaurant I had lunch at. This is not a seat your self establishment so I waited, as I waited two men walked up, a white guy and a black guy, they asked if it was seat yourself, I said no, they said maybe the bar and walked in. I watched as they began to talk to the waitress, and too my suprise they looked over and asked me to come and join them, their was something about this that felt incredibly right, so I joined them. we started looking at menus and introducing ourselves. The white guys name was dean, I cant remember his friends name, but he was from Liberia, a country in west Africa. They are bussiness partners and work both here and in Africa. As we were talking Dean told me to order anything, so I got the buffalo applewood bacon burger, and a beer. They were both shocked and intrigued that a missionary would drink beer. The rest of the night we talked about jesus. but all things must come to an end and it was time for me to find a place to sleep.

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