Wednesday, November 24, 2010


How can I convey the joy of love. For 7 days I was in England for my best friends wedding. As much as it was about the bride and groom, God made it about me. As I write this I'm still unpacking it. The day I left Kona a friend gave me a word about God wanting to pour his love out on me, thats exactly what happened in england. I saw the sights, castles, pubs, London. Ate amazing food, and enjoyed my best friends. I want to write more about my impressions then what we actually did.

Being with close friends in foreign countries is like christmas morning everyday. The love you continually feel is sometimes overwhelming. Now add to that the joy of a wedding and that was almost London. Reunions. It was a time of reunions, promises fulfilled, and exchanging of vows.

Adventure, it was a time of adventure, and hope. Oxford. I went to where Lewis and so many of my favorite authors taught and lived. We went to their schools, and ate at their pubs. The whole experience was one of so much joy.

I dont want to know what its like to live a life outside of the excitment of knowing Jesus, but I do know it. However, he redeems. Thank you Papa for my adventure in England

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