Monday, January 28, 2008

epic weekend part i

most of my weekends have some sort of adventure, however this was the best so far. because of the amount of stuff that went on this weekend i will break this into two posts. so here we go.

on Friday i went to the Alex woods concert at KTUB. so much about this was amazing from the music to the company. i finally got to hang out once again with Shoshana and Josie, i had not seen them since we all went ice skating back at the beginning of December so that was really enjoyable. after the show Shoshana and i went back to my house and watched flight of the conchords.

so this was the exceptionally busy day, that morning i got up did laundry, i was down to my kilt so you know its time for laundry then. after that i picked up Justin and Jesse and we went to benaroya hall for Play! a video game Symphony. a great concert with music from final fantasy, battle front 1942, and my personal favorites the legend of Zelda and Mario. after the fantastic music i went home and cleaned the basement. upon completing that stupid task i went to UW and met up with Casey Childress and we watch The Fountain, this was really good because Casey had not seen the fountain, check out my43things for a summary of the fountain. oh and we both played guitar.

i have never been so scared at any time as a speaker. i was asked a couple weeks ago to speak at Pine Lake Covenant church, seeing an opportunity to advance as a speaker i said yes. then Sunday arrived and i realized i was about as prepared for this as easy company was when they entered bastogne. i had a poem and a whole lot of fear, so Tamara and i went to the library and we prayed. all that was left was to wait until it was my time to say my schpeel. as i waited i worshiped and a renewed sense of purpose and a peace came over me. pastor Chris got up and opened the service, Tamara introduced me and then i said what i was asked to speak on and read my poem, and sat down. i heard a wonderful message about resting in the Lord and it was over. after the service several people came up to me and thanked me for reading my poem, two people asked for copies. i never really know what to do in those kind of situations, you know, how to act, what to say. i am usually more blown away by the fact that people liked what i had to say. church, done, so i went home and packed for orcas island.

once i finished packing i went to Stuarts birthday party. these are the kind of things i do know what to say at. the reason why is they aren't awkward, your with the people you love and who love you, you can be yourself. i love Stu he is kind of a mentor, but more some one i just look up to, mabey that's the same thing i don't know, i do know i hold him in a lot of esteem. following the party i gassed up the car went home fed Lucy, she's my pet python, and hit the road to orcas island.

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