Tuesday, January 8, 2008

pure or poser

today i bought a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad, i can now techinicly go out into the woods and survive, if i knew how to hunt and identify plants i would be set. i had a thought as i was driving home from REI though, i am either going to turn into a camping loving outdoor obsessed wild mountain man, or im going to be a big poser. i hope im the first but only time will tell. in other news me and my dad are going to watch "Band of Brothers".

im excited to do this with him cause we never spend that much time together and its going to be a good bonding experiance.

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Rigor and Cycle said...

Hey just started checkin out your blag. I happened to begin at the beginning and I thought it was neat that if you combine 'pur' from "pure" and 'pose' from "poser" you get "purpose" which you probably planned out but I think that is in the immortal words of Marty Peterson "totally rad".

Have a wicked Band of Bros night.