Friday, January 11, 2008


so the other day a family came into my store (Zumiez), 6 year old kid named patrick and he wanted to be a skater, so i started helping them out, build the board custom grip job that took a half hour the whole time his dad is takin pics well here is the after math of it

"After we had cake here, we took Patrick to the skateboard shop called Zumiez in the Redmond Town Center and walked up to the glass doors (patrick’s mouth was already hanging open from taking in the window displays). We walked in and looked around. 7:45 on a rainy Thurs night. No other customers. 3 guys working. One on the short, stocky side with black spiked hair; one thin medium sized guy with short wavy hair, and one guy who was about 6 foot and artsy-complete-with-dreadlocks. They all gave us a warm greeting and said “All right, Dude!” when Patrick told them he wanted a skateboard for his birthday. The artsy guy ended up helping us. Kate’s comment while he was helping us was “mom, he looked scary but he is really nice”. Alex (scary but nice guy) helped us pick out a “deck” aka board (Patrick wanted two things on his deck/board before starting this adventure: something orange and something with a skull on it). So we found a board with a top of orange and with the wood grain showing through and a bottom that is gray with a skull and cross bones. Then Patch picked out the “trucks” (what the wheels are attached to), wheels, and bearings. Usually, there is grip tape (sandpaper stuff that keeps your feet stuck on the board) covering the whole top of the board but Alex said he would do a cut out design for patch so that Patch could still see the orange. It took Alex at least 30 minutes to cut out all the design before then sticking each piece to the board, trimming the extra and filing it down. Then he put on the trucks and let Patrick help put the bearings into the wheels (I’ll forward you the unedited photos) Oh man, it was everything that we could ever have hoped for in a skateboard purchasing adventure. It happens that Alex (scary but nice guy) also is a nanny for twin 3 year old boys AND a huge HP fan, the 3rd book being his favorite. Anyway, fun night all around! "

so today i got a link to the site that the pics are on and read that, i guess the point of this post is that it realy made me feel important to have helped them out, i feel like i am begining to make a divrence in peoples lives


Heather said...

Alex! What a great story. You are definitely the perfect gentle giant and a great example that the outside package may not always be what it seems. Way to get a kid excited for skateboarding :]

alex said...

thanks heather it was a great 45 minutes geting to know this family